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Located in San Miniato, halfway between Pisa and Florence, the Cupelli winery began cultivating vines in 1952 and producing, according to traditions, high quality IGT wines and Vin Santo Toscano from native vines such as Trebbiano Toscano, Malvasia bianca, Colombana, Canaiolo, Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo. The wines produced by the old winery led by Amelio Cupelli already had remarkable qualities in terms of acidity and freshness, and it was precisely from the observation of these first conditions and the firm conviction of the great potential of the area that the project took shape. sparkling wine. The vineyards, about 8 hectares, are located in the flat area of the San Miniato area, located in different hamlets, have their roots in complex soils with a medium silt-sandy mixture with a strong presence of marine fossils and clays. The proximity to the Arno river allows you to enjoy a mild and breezy microclimate: this valley is a natural corridor between the sea and the mountains, where currents mitigate the hot summers and favor thermal excursions. The desire to grow and renew itself has led the company to undertake the ambitious project on native varieties starting from 2008. The knowledge of the territory and the meticulous care of the vineyards has made possible a new and different interpretation of the Trebbiano and Canaiolo grapes, used for the production of classic method sparkling wines. Today Ivana Cupelli, Amelio's daughter, is flanked by her children Marco and Sara. The Cupelli bubbles are born from the intent to enhance the natural organoleptic characteristics of the grapes, keeping them well recognizable even after long maturation on the yeasts.





Cellar: Cupelli


Philosophy: in biological conversion


Denomination: VSQ Quality Sparkling Wine


Format: 0.75l


Grapes: Trebbiano and Colombana


Alcohol: 17%


Altitude: 30 meters above sea level


Soil: medium silt-sandy mixture rich in marine fossils and clays


Aging: in 100-liter kegs for at least 3 years


Tasting notes: amber in the glass, it amazes for the vivacity of the color. The olfactory profile is complex, combining hints of candied fruit and apricot jam with the sensations of cocoa, nutmeg and hazelnut. In the mouth the initial sweetness is immediately contrasted by the acidity, which gives it momentum and gustatory length. Amazing!


White Pisano of San Torpé Vin Santo AMELIO - Cupelli

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