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A quarter of a century has passed since Roberto Scubla decided  to abandon a "safe" job in the bank, to devote himself totally to the passion he had inside: producing wine, a dream he had since childhood, from  when he began to frequent the vineyards owned by an uncle. It was the year 1991 and since then his company, located in the small town of Ipllis di Premariacco, in the province of Udine, has always kept an extremely intimate and personal identity, with only 12 hectares of vines cared for with great love. Despite the small size, the echo of Roberto's wines has gone very far, helping to identify this segment of our country as a place of great wines, especially whites.  The estate is located on top of a hill and all around the vineyards and the oak forest, with this last century-old tree that has been chosen as the company logo. THE  vineyards have their roots in the typical soil of the Colli Orientali area called  “Ponca”, a marly / arenaceous formation that crumbles due to the washout of the water, enriching the soil with minerals and consequently the grapes that derive nourishment from it. This element, added to maniacal care and an extremely favorable microclimate, makes it possible to bring grapes of the highest quality to the cellar, which make the work easier for those who will have to transform them into wine in this case the oenologist Gianni Menotti, a friend of Roberto for years. . The cellar completely underground and with  an ideal natural temperature, is the result of the fusion of traditional techniques combined with the most advanced ones, a place where wines of all types mature: the range of products is based on twelve labels with  five whites, five reds and two sweet, mainly monovarietal they see  protagonists are the typical vines of the area such as Pinot Bianco, Friulano, Sauvignon Blanc, then Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc, Merlot and Refosco, but there is no lack of blends as in the case of  white "Pomedes"  he was born in  "Dark red".  The small production of about 60,000 bottles allows you not to force time  of nature  and therefore  to take care of every detail, starting  from the vineyard  until you get to  final product. All the work  it has resulted in a number of important awards  And  prizes awarded by the most important guides in the sector. Since 2006 the company has become part of the most exclusive wine club called "The Great Crus of Italy", a very limited selection of large and small companies but with characteristics of true excellence.




Cellar: Scubla


Philosophy: conventional


Denomination: Friuli Colli Orientali DOC


Format: 0.375l


Grapes: Verduzzo Friulano 100%


Alcohol: 13%


Altitude: 100 - 200 meters above sea level


Soil: marly / arenaceous, locally called "ponca"


Vinification: the perfectly healthy grapes are displayed on racks under the canopy facing north-east from where the typical Bora wind blows, cold and dry, which in October, November and December leads to withering in a natural way, reducing the yield to 18 liters per quintal. Before Christmas the grapes are pressed giving a dense must that is fermented in French oak barriques (50% new, 50%  2nd step).


Aging: matures in barriques without undergoing decanting


Tasting notes: intense amber color to the eye. The nose seduces with aromas of acacia honey, walnut husk and vanilla. Sweet and concentrated, it gives the palate hints of dried fruit, figs, citrus fruits and caramel, supported by the typical tannins of grapes and excellent acidity.


6 bottles - Friuli Colli Orientali Verduzzo Friulano CRATIS 2018 - Sc

€161.40 Regular Price
€151.72Sale Price
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