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The crate contains:

- 3 bottles of Fiano Campania Igt PUNTA DELLA CORTE

- 3 bottles of  Brut Classic Method Sparkling Wine CUVÉE DELLA POSTA




Corte dei Roberto is a young winery in Greci (AV) founded in 2013. A lively company where tradition blends with innovation, like the union of two different individuals, so the past is linked to the future, generating a new synchrony between the two dimensions so distant that they come together and blend harmoniously into a single body, growing and coexisting in the same place. The young Roberto cousins with prehensile and curious eyes, are rooted in the green Irpinia, and while on the one hand they keep their origins alive, proposing native vines, on the other, through the idea, the path, the experimentation and the challenge, they try to extrapolate a color, a scent, a flavor, a sensation that materializes in the form of wine. Traditions are reworked according to a modern conception, in which memory and revolution are translated into an evolutionary and innovative path full of energy, balance and impulses. The respect for the territory, the care of the vineyards, the attention to detail and the manual choice of the grapes are the inseparable essence of the company philosophy.




See full data  in the sheet relating to the single product.


6 bottles - Mixed case Corte dei Roberto: "THE IRPINIA YOU DID NOT KNOW"

€85.00 Regular Price
€80.75Sale Price
  •  Si intende il numero minimo di vini ordinabili per una singola etichetta oppure misti dalla stessa cantina

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